What To Do When You Can No Longer Physically Work

There may come a time in your life when you are unable to continue working. Due to injury, chronic conditions, or declining health, going to work every day may become something you can no longer do.

In the event you become disabled, Social Security disability was designed to provide you with monetary compensation to allow you to provide for yourself and take care of living expenses.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to prove disability, especially for certain chronic conditions.

This can result in possible denial of benefits or a lengthy appeals process that may not get you a resolution in a timely fashion.

If you find yourself needing to file a disability claim, the best trick to getting that monthly check is retaining the services of a qualified social security disability lawyer.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Make Your Life Much Easier

There are many benefits to hiring a qualified Virginia social security disability lawyer to handle your case from the beginning.

Many people may not seek the assistance of an attorney for their case unless it has been denied, but having a lawyer from the beginning can make the process go more smoothly and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Do A Lot For You:

They’ll Perform an Initial Case Review

Your lawyer will be able to make an initial assessment of the case to be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses and choose the best possible strategy to try to win it.

They’ll Help You Thoroughly Complete Your Application

One of the most common causes for the initial rejection of a disability claim is an incomplete or poorly filled out application.

Your disability lawyer will make sure that everything is filled out completely and thoroughly, the way that the disability office will expect it to be filled out.

They’ll Gather All The Necessary Medical Documentation

Proving disability will largely depend on the available medical records and medical evidence you have of your condition. Your disability attorney will know what records the agency will need to see.

They will review all of your medical records, gather the data they need and request additional forms and records that may be necessary on your behalf.

Your lawyer can also work directly with your medical providers in the event they need testimony or additional statements for your case.

They’ll Talk The Social Security Administration For You

The Social Security Administration is inundated with claims and applications and processing can sometimes take longer.

They will also have a number of deadlines and sometimes require additional information to process your application.

Your lawyer will stay in communication throughout the application process, making sure filing deadlines are met, they have the information they need to process your application, and help the process to continue to move forward.

What If You Filed A Claim And It Got Rejected?

A qualified disability attorney will also be able to provide you with assistance in the event that your disability claim is rejected.

If you receive a rejection letter to your claim, a good lawyer will help you get through the appeals process. This process can require additional paperwork and information to be submitted by specific deadlines to reexamine the application.

There are several steps that must occur during your appeals process, and your lawyer is familiar with all of the steps and can make sure they are thoroughly followed.

If your initial appeal fails, you may have the right to appeal your claim in front of the administrative panel.

These are hearings that may require you to present evidence of your illness or require additional documentation to rule in your favor.

Your lawyer will have experience in these hearings and provide you with the representation you need to plead your case before the board. They will gather the necessary evidence, prep you about the procedures of the hearing, and will question witnesses and experts on your behalf.

Why Retaining A Disability Lawyer Is The Best Thing You Can Do Right Now!

Even though you are not legally required to retain an attorney to apply for disability, it can greatly improve your chance of having your application accepted or approved if it ends up going through the appeal process.

A lawyer can also reduce the risk of having your application rejected over a simple technicality or lack of information.

Don’t go into the disability process alone. Virginia residents can retain the services of a qualified attorney by calling (866)-328-4916.

To help improve your chances of success and provide you with the information and knowledge you need to give your claim the best possible chance.

If you are a resident of Virginia then you are encouraged to call (866)-328-4916 for a free disability consultation today.